The Best WordPress Style Blogger Templates in 2021

Friends, When You starts Blogging journey! I know you mostly gets a recommendation to start the blog on blogger platform. Because Google runs it and it's a free and very easy to use blogging platform. Blogger is perfect for anyone & everyone to start their own Blogging journey.


I also know well all persons wanted to start with WordPress; because WordPress have too many customizable option but it may costly or maybe you need to pay more money to using wordpress. For that we want a blogger template look like WordPress Style.

WordPress Style Blogger Templates are those templates which design are converted from WordPress Themes style. You can Subscrib this webpage Via Email to download all new WordPress adapted blogger templates, Responsive Blogger templates, SEO optimized Blogger template etc. when published in

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The Best WordPress Style Blogger Templates in 2021

We have bunch of templates that are adopted from WP Themes to Blogspot platform. All our quality authors effort to make unique and standard blogger templates taken ideas from either WP Themes, Html5 Themes and all PSD themes.

So, if you are looking for some great WP like Blogger website templates, then you can easily download it from here. We have very big collection of all professional, Responsive and SEO Optimized templates that are truly adapted from WordPress. All Magazine astyle, multipurpose and news portal Blogger templates converted from WP theme.

Below I listed some WordPress Style Blogger templates for you. These Templates come with a Free and premium version. free means totally Free for Lifetime, and In Premium version we need to pay some money to Devloper. Most of Blogger Themes are made inspired by premium WordPress templates.

Colorify- Creative Blogger Template

Colorify blogger template

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Colorify blogger template that's actually a SEO friendly, WordPress Style Blogger templates available in the internet. Colorify Blogger Template is a super modern blogger template focused on high speed and flexibility, the theme fits perfectly any kind of blog specially personal, photography, travel or biography blogs.

Colorify - Creative Blogger Template was made with multiple techniques to achieve excellent Scores on Google Search engine, also Templateify keep in mind the code quality and SEO. Also Colorify Blogger Template is easy to use and customize. Includes a powerful theme options panel to make easier the administration. Colorify is compatible with Google Adsense and it is supported multilanguage, including RTL languages.

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SuperMag- Primium Blogger Template

SuperMag Blogger template

SuperMag- Premium Blogger Template looks like a WordPress theme. It is a professional, Responsive and Ads Ready Magazine blogger template, SuperMag Blogger Template is a very powerful and professional theme available in 2021. SuperMag is very fast and optimized, allowing your website to get the best results on search engines. 

SuperMag is fully compatible with mobile devices and is also Adsense friendly. SuperMag Blogger Template is also fully customizable, allowing the user to create several different designs in a few clicks, using the customization tools of the platform itself, without having to edit even a line of code.

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LiteSpot- Premium Blogger Template

Litespot blogger template

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LiteSpot Blogger Template allows you to creating your own professional website in Blogger. You can also buy the premium version of this template for lifetime access with full Features and customizations support.

Litespot provides many features like dark mode, an Animated search icon, Different article section, headlines, Features post, Top Ads section, SEO friendly, Fully customizable, All meta tags, CSS flexbox, and Grid mode. I am personally used this amazing Blogger template in this Website.

Litespot Blogger Template is a 100% responsive blogger template which means that no matter what your blog visitors access your blog through, is it a smartphone, tablet or PC! your blog will still look handsome and charming.

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Newspot- Premium Magazine Blogger Template

Newspot Blogger Template

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Newspot Blogger Template is a one of the best and free to download Professional magazine blogger template. Newspot Blogger Template is perfect for technology, news, sports, travel, entertainment, travel and many other niche sites. Newspot is very fast and powerful which puts it at the top of the magazine blogger templates category. Newspot blogger template is also fully optimized for search engines which will take your site to another level.

Newspot Blogger Template is fully customizable which will allow you to create your own amazing and unique design. Newspot blogger template is also ad-friendly and has several optimized sections for you to easily add your ads.

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Jannify- Responsive Blogger Template

Jannify Blogger Template

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Jannify Responsive Blogger Template is a professional looking simple Blogger theme. It is a seo ready and fast loading Blogger template, that has fully responsive layout which fits any screen or device, whether its a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Jannify Blogger Template is an 2021 advanced blogger templates. If you are want run a news or a magazine theme for your Blogger website, this one is perfect for you. It is so responsive that it will work on both mobile and desktop browsers.

As per the latest requirements of Blogger user, Jannify Blogger Template also contains a OneClick dark mode feature for a better user experience. it contains a navigation bar with mega tabs and also has different sections like feature posts, popular posts, recent sections, and unique footer options.

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Friends, if you want to download a good WordPress Style Blogger template for your blogger’s website, you must download it for free.

If you purchased premium Version template then you will get the update from time to time for these Blogger template and also get free customizations service.

If you like this article and think helpful please share with your friends also you must follow our website as soon as any new update to Blogger template comes. Just subscribe by your email clicking the button below. {getButton} $text={Subscribe} $icon={link} $color={#108}

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